Yeah, you're ready.

Come. Relax. Enjoy.

All you need are 3 things:

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Keep it simple, friends. Here's all you need.

Step 1: Beach

1st Step: Find your beach.  This provides motivation to achieve Step 2.  If you don't already have yours selected, then discover some magical places here.  Or use as a resource to find other great spots. Read more..

Step 2: Auto-Pilot Retirement Plan

2nd Step: Hey look, there's a ton of strategies.  Here's a simple recipe to get you to financial freedom. Do what you want; like things that matter to you.  You can do it, you just need a semi automated plan.  Read more..

Step 3: Gear

Lastly, you'll need a minimal amount of gear to make you comfortable.  Whether its tech, gear, great food, drinks or just ideas.  This section could provide useful ideas when you head out to get your toes in the sand.  Read more..

We Did It!  You Can Too!

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Hanging with Peri Roberts.  Australia's golden gem and World Champion Kite Surfer!  Read her journey to world domination! Read more..

Food, drink, gear and tips.  Explore items to do yourself or with friends.  You'll find something here you'll like.  Read more..

Easy to read beach related stories for fun, excitement, humor and how others did it. Share yours, read others.   Read more..

You at the right place if:

You are focused on financial freedom so you can spend more time at 'your' beach.  Which allows you to do what you want, when you want.  We'll also share info on tech, gear, grinds, drinks, fun ideas and add does of humor when suitable.   

Welcome, come right in.  It's ok if your feet are sandy and if your shorts are wet.  Pull a seat, relax and dig in.  Glad you're here!


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Peri Roberts plays in the world's most gorgeous beaches, lucky gal!  World Champion Kite Surfer! Check out her Hustle video!  Follow her here

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